“Truck? What truck?”

October 21, 2013 — Leave a comment

It’s 8:30 PM on a Monday. I graded a Science test while preparing dinner, which was oddly fancy for the beginning of the week. Steak, potatoes, and a Caesar salad. This was a rare Monday where I wasn’t completely exhausted due to lack of sleep. I actually got a (somewhat) decent night’s rest. So I’m riding the wave as long as I can.

Here’s a picture of that working telegraph machine I mentioned last week. I took the batteries out, but it really works! It’s darn impressive for a fifth grader, but this student is a bit out of the ordinary. Kinda brilliant, he is.
2013-10-20 18.49.21

We have to welcome a new blogger to the fold. One of my old Limelighters is giving this a shot, so give a big welcome to Ben “Pinky” Colwell and see what he’s up to over at BenPinkes.

He earned the name Pinky from his debut show in 2008: Harriet the Spy. I subsequently cast him in a small role in Heroes and Villains that same summer, and also named the character Pinky. Here he is a year later playing Howie in Ramona Quimby, one of my all-time favorite shows to do. Loved working with the new group of young actors that were coming up through Limelight’s ranks, and of course the Beverly Cleary stories hold a special spot in my heart.


Aside from wrapping up First Quarter grading, I’ve got a Halloween costume to worry about, and as usual, I’m having problems. I want to do something that the kids recognize, but also want to avoid doing anything too easy or, God forbid, repeat myself. But there’s never any time to really put the work into it, so some years you wind up with a lame costume like this:


All I did was wear a rainbow wig. I stole the Luna Lovegood specs for the photo. Lazy, I know.

This is perhaps my finest moment, though. One year I had a kid who adored the Indiana Jones films. Every day he’d arrive at school and we’d trade quotes. “Asps. Very dangerous. You go first.” “Again, we see there is nothing you can possess which I can’t take away.” And so forth. So that year we teamed up and went as the Professors Jones.


We tried our best to recreate this photo from the third film. All in all, I’d say we did a pretty good job with our costumes.


So now the pressure’s on, folks. And it’s a busy week. To paraphrase Indy himself, “Report card week. Why did it have to be report card week…”

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