Welcome to the collected works of my online self. Here you will find assorted posts, links, galleries, and other sites relating to my life as an educator, theatre director,  tech specialist, and traveler.

The About page features my biography and resumes to download. The Blog features various tales about travel and teaching.

The Theatre page has extensive information about my 20-plus year career as a youth theatre director. I currently serve as the Artistic Director for New Place Theatre, a company I founded in 2018. Before that was the founder and former Artistic Director of The Limelight Theatre Company, a company I ran for twelve years. Visit the Testimonials page for comments from parents and actors I have worked with as a director.


11 responses to Home


    I am here in the bloggers world, from what you have told me or what I have read, this should be fun, and I can find a lot of interesting people


    Good luck, new guy! It can be quite the rabbit hole to fall into, but hopefully it’ll be worth it. And it’s definitely a great way to meet interesting people. I owe some of the best friendships I have to blogging. Enjoy it, and keep on writing!


    Looking so forward to having you as Jake’s AT Math teacher. He needs the challenge, and from what we see so far-he is definitely experiencing it in your dynamic class! Thank you!


    Hi Mr. Fauth


    This is my teacher😊


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    This is my teacher 🙂

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