A few testimonials commenting on my abilities as a theatre director…

In June of 2011 I announced my resignation as Artistic Director of The Limelight Theatre Company. These are a sample of the many tributes and messages I received from parents of actors involved in productions of mine.

NOTE: They have been edited for clarity by me and approved for use by the originator.


[My daughter] has been touched with your magical way of making kids feel special and empowered. You have been an integral part of Kaylee’s love for acting. She has always loved working with you! Those children you have touched through Limelight have experienced something great working with you and all the positive memories you helped create of their Limelight careers will help carry them through their next chapters. To make a difference in the life of a child is a gift. You not only made a difference in the life of one child but of many…so much to be thankful for and proud of.

– Diana Thompson, Naperville. Mother of Limelight participant.


When my sons and I moved to Oswego in 1997, it was hard for us to believe there was no community or children’s theatre here. We often drove many miles to be involved in productions where adults took all the lead roles and were lied to on more than one occasion about that. Thank you Brian, for proving to us that it can be about the kids. You’ve inspired many and probably introduced some to theatre for the first time. From the bottom of the Aguilar hearts…THANK YOU!

– Jennifer Aguilar, Oswego. Mother of Adrian Aguilar, former Limelight actor and director. Currently performing on Broadway in the Rocky musical.


It is with great sadness that I say THANK YOU to a wonderful man that had insight into what a Children’s Theatre Group should be.  I have had the opportunity to see first hand how you impact the kids, not only the young ones, but the high school and college kids.

-Sheryl Colwell, Montgomery. Mother of Limelight participants.


You are one of those teachers that make an impact and leave a mark on a student’s life.

– Lisa Morales, Oswego. Mother of Limelight participants.


I am so grateful that my kids were able to work with you, directly and indirectly, on so many projects.  As I’ve said before, you were instrumental in helping both Jake and Hannah develop the self-confidence that has allowed them to succeed in a number of ways.

– Renita Miller, Oswego. Mother of Limelight participants.


I knew she would be sad, I had no idea how sad.  McKinley has always said “Brian just gets me”.  That is HUGE and such a comfort to her Dad and I. She has found a place at Limelight of acceptance and creativity.  YOU are the reason for such a comfortable, accepting environment.  Thank you!

-Margaret Paratore, Oswego. Mother of Limelight participant.


You have the personality that makes people at ease.  Not only do you connect with the kids by making them feel so special and that each of them are so important to the production; you also connect with the parents.  You mentor the kids to be the very best that they can be.  Not only do they look up to you as their teacher and director; you are the best role model for them on and off stage

– Jack and Mary Meyer, Oswego. Parents of Limelight participants.


Is there a way to convey the magnitude your guidance has helped Renee become who she has grown to be? Your faith has strengthened and encouraged a large group of kids throughout the years, Renee is not the least of these.

– Pam Niederkorn, Mother of Limelight participant.


Anonymous feedback from a UCD directorial project, October 2012, from professional and amateur actors I directed in a student performance of J.M. Synge’s Riders to the Sea.

– Found director to be energetic and enthusiastic; would love to work with him again.

– I feel, as an actor, I was well looked after and the director was really well prepared. I really loved working with everyone and the director.

– The time pressure was strong but the director responded well and efficiently to this. The director was well-prepared but open to suggestion and discussion with the cast.

– I really enjoyed working with Brian. It is very refreshing to work with a director who is always open to incorporating fresh perspectives and really leaving the floor open for collaboration. Brilliant experience. 

Selected comments from an academic assignment on William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, from UCD Professor Frank McGuinness, noted Irish poet and playwright:

“There is both sure-handed and clear-sighted touches visible to the direction. Here is evidence of directorial intelligence, sharply deciphering the main thrust of the opening actions of the play, making Venice/Belmont visible in their connections and disconnections, their codes and dualisms. A complex attempt to dramatize complex worlds.”

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