Tara and Brian

October 20, 2013 — Leave a comment

Last night I headed over to Tara and Brian’s, friends of mine who had a baby a couple of months ago. Since I was all sick and stuff for the past month I didn’t think it best to be near a newborn, but yesterday I felt normal enough to head over there to catch up with some good friends, and to see their new baby and whatnot.

I love kids, don’t get me wrong. But I’m horrible at the whole “It’s a new baby!!!” thing. I’ll let others buy the cute little jammies and booties and whatever else babies wear, and I’ll just be the wisecracking single friend that reminds everyone of their single years. I’m hoping this is considered part of long-term bachelorhood. Does Clooney buy baby booties for his friends’ kids? Or does he just smile and wave and then jet off to Italy for six months?

But seriously folks, I’m really happy for them. I’ve known Tara a long time, and she’s one of my closest friends, and seeing her happy and married and now a new mother means a lot to me. And her husband Brian is a great guy. Bought a car from him and everything!

Tara and I used to teach fifth grade together at East View, before I jumped ship for the AT program in 2004. Many of us on that old team became good friends, and we even used to vacation together up to Door County once upon a time. This is where the now-famous “Apostrophe Catastrophe” running joke began. Everywhere we went we found signage that had made horrible, horrible errors in punctuation.


That’s my all-time favorite picture of her, by the way.

Now Tara and I are co-workers again, sort of, but she’s off work until January, raising that little baby and watching a lot of television. Looking forward to having her back in the building, so we can joke around and commiserate together, just like the old days.

And for my loyal readers, one more picture, from December 2003. I present to you, Hipster Mr. Fauth. Enjoy.


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