88 per cent

October 9, 2013 — Leave a comment

While the kids left for P.E., one of them asked me, “What percent Mr. Fauth are you today?”

Mmm, I’m feeling about 88% today.

“I’ll take that!”

If I can monitor how I’m feeling by the number of Halls Menthol cough drops I suck on throughout the day, then I must be feeling better, because I think I only had 2 or 3 today. Usually it’s more like 10-12, sometimes almost non-stop.

Each time I get sick I can never remember the exact details of the last time I was sick, so I’m trying to use this blogging marathon as a way to document a few things, lest I forget the next time this crud comes my way. I’ve finally got a bit of energy again, but I tend to slip back into that overly-energetic mode I get into when I’m teaching, so I’m usually exhausted by the time snack break rolls around.

Had enough gas in the tank to make it to a former student’s soccer game yesterday, on the invite of a parent. I rarely have time for things like that, but he was a student who meant a lot and who kept in touch while I was gone last year, so I was glad to do it. Tough loss, but we got a chance to say hi and chat for a few minutes. Apparently he’s now deep into Arrested Development and Doctor Who. Knew I liked that kid for a reason.

Finally have some money in the back account, so I did a proper grocery buy tonight. After a quick dinner of chicken burritos (again) I worked on emails and my parent-teacher conference schedule, which I’m a bit behind in sending out.

First Quarter is winding down, and so my next two weekends will be spent with large tests and end-of-term projects, and then report cards. I missed the transition to online report cards last year, so this should be a pleasant change. No more hand-writing out all thirty students’ information, no more white out when I invariably make a mistake. 

Trying to get these guys whipped into shape, which involves being stern, but also appropriating stale memes that they haven’t discovered yet:



This is the secret of my success. Corny, out-of-date jokes and bad impressions. I’m like the Michael Scott of elementary schools.

Oh, God. I’m the Michael Scott of elementary classrooms…

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