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October 31, 2013 — Leave a comment

Bear with me, because all of these pictures are of ME, but its MOAR Halloween costumes, so if you’re into that type of thing, dig in!

We had a lot of fun with Halloween during college. One year we all headed down to Missouri to visit the brother of one my roommates. I had gotten a hold of some vintage clothes from my step-dad, so I went as a 1970s tough-as-nails cop. 

Uncle PonyThe year before I was working at the local movie theatre and we were premiering the film Gettysburg on Halloween. (So this was…20 years ago today. Dang.) I spent way too much money on a Civil War general’s uniform from a nearby costume shop and wore it to work that night. I went, of course, as General Admission.

General Admission 1

General Admission

This year, as I mentioned yesterday, the fifth grade team decided to go as the four seasons. I jumped on Autumn right away, as half my wardrobe is in autumnal earth tones. (The other half being black or grey.) All I had to do was buy some leafy garland, a bushy Viking beard from a costume shop, and some safety pins. A couple of hours’ work and I had this:

IMG_0727The garland wrapped around my head to make a nice autumnal crown of gold and yellow. I wanted it to have a deep, old magic feel to it, like some nature god out of the depths of time. But also nattily dressed in wool and tweed. Had I more time, I would have loved to have made my skin look a bit more bark-like. And of course the beard doesn’t flow nicely into the skin, but it didn’t help that I had another beard underneath that one.

Here’s the whole team all together. I think we look pretty good, actually. I didn’t get to see many of the other grade level’s costumes, but we definitely had some Minions, but they did a good job with them, and I’m sure the little kids loved it.


Now for you crafty folk out there, I thought I’d zoom in on a few details. Note the Maple leaf pocket square, and the cuffs of the sleeves. The beard had acorns and leaves nestled in it, but I didn’t want to get too crazy with it, since it will be recycled next week. The staff was a walking stick I had with more leaf garland twirled around it and tied down at the ends.

IMG_0752I’ve got trick or treaters coming in small waves to the house, despite the rain that’s been falling since last night. It was roasting in my classroom all day, as the temperature got up into the mid-60s, but the heat kept running in the school. Don’t ask me why they can’t just turn it off. It seems to be one of those eternal mysteries, or perhaps revenge by the custodial team for having to clean up after all those holiday parties.


I ditched the beard while answering the door. It’s a bit frightening to the young ones.

And that should be it for tonight. Thanks for staring at my hairy mug for photo after photo. Happy Halloween everyone!

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