In Dublin

August 15, 2012 — 7 Comments

Friends, family, students, actors, and random people stumbling across this thing: Welcome, I says!

So…I’m living in Dublin now. Most of you knew that already, but for those that had no idea I had left my job teaching fifth grade (or the other one running a theatre company), um…yeah. Big changes, right?

I’ll spend some time detailing exactly how I came to the decision to pack up one life and start another in future posts. For now, the short answer is this: I’m taking a year’s leave from teaching and will be attending University College Dublin to get a Master of Arts in Directing for Theatre. I’m hoping to do more theatre education in my career, and I felt it was time to add some tools to the toolkit. And, you know, actually study theatre for once instead of just making it up as I go.

I’ll be writing about four main subjects on this site: teaching and theatre, travel and tech. In whatever order I want, when I want.

My students wanted a way to keep in touch with me and follow my travels, so that was the beginning of this site. Some of them will be reading this, some may even comment, so we’re keeping things nice and clean on here. No angst-ridden tales of sorrow, no political rants, no swearing. And that goes for the comments as well, so keep it nice and positive, people.

Students: remember your internet safety lessons: don’t put your full name OR your email address in the comments if you happen to leave one. “Liz H” or “Mike A” will suffice. I’ll know who you are.

The site is pretty bare-bones right now, so sit tight while I tinker and add some cool stuff. You can subscribe to it via email or RSS, depending on how tech-savvy you are. I don’t know how often I’ll be updating, but I promise I’ll do my best to be fairly regular about it.

For now, feel free to say hello in the comments, and stay tuned for the next post.

7 responses to In Dublin


    It ain’t a blog til Ive left a comment. Voila. Its officially open.


    Certified, Bycyclemark-style!


    Hi Brian!
    I am happy to hear that you are having a good time. Remember to just enjoy yourself and relax!
    We look forward to you directing, “Kickin’ It! A Musical Journey through the Betty Ford Center.’

    Liz H and Mike A


    Hi Brian, I was so pleased to learn you were heading to Ireland after all. I will have to share this blog with Ian and the 2011 posse members — they’ ll love keeping up with your adventures and observations. We have also begun our new life in Europe, exploring the beautiful city of Prague where we’ll remain for the next year. Truly an amazing city that you should consider visiting if you get the opportunity. Best of luck as you get settled in and begin classes. We’ll be looking forward to your posts!


    Hi mr faith I’m in my new house( rental house until I get my real house) Im glad too here that Ireland is going well! We don’t have good wifi at our rental either!

    Bye, Avery

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